A Whole Bunch of New Stuff from Clean Feed

The Stash Dauber, The Stash Dauber (2010/20/02)

RED trio is neither (as far as I can tell) a group of doctrinaire Communists or a King Crimson tribute band. Rather, it's a collaboration between three adventurous improvisers -- pianist Rodrigo Pinheiro, bassist Hernani Faustino, and drummer Gabriel Ferrandini -- all of whom have worked with saxophonist Nobuyasu Furuya; the bassist and drummer appeared on Furuya's Bendowa album for Clean Feed last year. They claim the heritage of the Bill Evans-Paul Bley trio, not so much for the sounds and moods they create as for their instruments' roles as equals rather than foreground-and-background. This is daring, edge-of-seat stuff.

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