Tecnical Rider


Information about the concerts technical requirements.

Grand Piano

Tuned at the day of the performance.

Double Bass

3/4 to full size 4-string acoustic doublebass in good working order, with extendable tail-pin of sufficient length as to allow instrument to be played standing up by 182 cm (6 foot) tall player, with transducer. Preferably Thomastick Spirocore Strings Medium. I will bring my own bow. Any questions, please contact Hernani Faustino at [email protected]

Bass amp

Preferably Gallien Krueger 400RB or 800RB, Euphonic or Ampeg. MB 150S/112 combo Gallien Krueger is welcome.

Bass speaker

4x10 Ampeg, SWR or Hartke.

Drum kit

bass drum 18"
high tom 12"
floor tom 14"
snare 13"
2 X snare stands
2 X boom cymbal stand
1 X straight stand
1 X carpet +/- 2 X 2 m